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Tuesday Classes


Westport Leisure Complex


 Contemporary Modern Jazz Grade 1

           Contemporary Modern Jazz  Grade 2                  6:00-7:00pm     

 Contemporary Modern Jazz Grade 3  


Pointe Class


Contemporary Modern Jazz Grade 4

Thursday Classes


Westport Leisure Complex

         2:30-3:10pm       Ballet Beginner 

         3:15-4:00pm       Preparatory Ballet  

         4:00-4:45pm      Primary Ballet 
Grade 1 Ballet 
         5:30-6:20pm       Grade 2 Ballet

         6:20-7:10pm        Grade 3 Ballet      
Grade 4 Ballet 

        8:00-9:00pm      Grade 5 Ballet    

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Friday Classes

Social Services Centre

       2:30-3:10pm            Ballet Beginner

       3:15-4:00pm            Preparatory Ballet 
       4:00-4:45pm          Primary Ballet 
       4:45-5:30pm           Grade 1 Ballet 
       5:30-6:15pm            Grade 1 Ballet 
       6:15-7:00pm            Grade 2 Ballet 
       7:00-7:45pm           Grade 3 Ballet 
       7:45-8:45pm            Grade 4/5Ballet

       8:45-9:15pm             Pointe Class

Saturday Classes


Westport Leisure Complex

09:15-09:55am      Ballet Beginner 

    10:00-10:45am     Preparatory Ballet 
    10:45-11:30am        Preparatory Ballet

11:30-12:15pm        Primary Ballet

12:15-1:00pm         Grade 1 Ballet 

1:00-1:45pm         Grade 2 Ballet

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